How to brush your teeth videos!

In Computing, pupils in Reception class have been learning about algorithms. An algorithm is a set of instructions for carrying out a task. After coming up with an algorithm for helping Mr Edmondson to make a cup of tea, they then made their own instructional videos to explain and show others how best to brush their teeth. Please have a watch and let them know what you think! Questions to think about…

Q1: Is the algorithm in the correct sequence (order)?

Q2: Are the instructions clear and detailed?

Q3: What different time connectives did the children use?

Reception class are digital composers!

Pupils in Reception class have been working with Digital Leaders Keanu and Sahara to create their own musical compositions using the iPad app Garageband.

Which is your favourite a why?

Hassan and Darcy:

Amelie and Amelia:

Igor and Isabelle:

Karvelle and Hassan:

Untitled 1:

Lena and Szymon:

Untitled 2:

Maya and Olga:

Untitled 3:

Zofia and Amber:

The Christmas Story By Reception Class

Pupils in Reception class have been making their own stop motion animation for Computing this half term. They used the iPad app ‘I Can Animate’ to make this fantastic animation. They filmed it in front of the ‘Green Screen’ (a green piece of paper) so that they could then add in background images using the Green Screen DoInk app. Have a watch and please let them know what you think – Merry Christmas!


Year one have really been enjoying their topic on Superheroes. In Computing they used the iPad app Morfo to turn them into their favourite superhero character! First, they wrote a 30 second persuasive script to say why they should be awarded the title of superhero of the year and then they recorded themselves on the app.

Please can you listen to them all and leave a comment to say who you think the winner should be and why.

Thank you!