Loretto music performance

Yesterday we were treated to a special musical performance by students from Loretto College. Thank you so much to everyone that played. We are amazed by how talented you all are…

Chethams Music School (Year 5’s End Of Term Trip 2017)

Hello There! Today I Am Going To Show You The Photos Of Our Chethams Music School Trip! Enjoy…                   

      <———– This Is my friend with A lady that played the Double Bass. The lady’s name was Izzy.


  <——- This Is The Whole Band That Played.

Thank You For Looking At My Blog Post. 

Click HERE For The Chethams Website!

Selena Gomez

This is Selena Gomez. She is a amazing cute and beautiful (Alex Russo was also Selena Gomez).

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One of Selena Gomez’s songs is called Magic. She also sings Kill ’em with kindness, hands to myself, same old love, come and get it, slow down and good for you. Here are some more pictures of her. I like her songs because they are catchy.

latest (300×399)

Bye guys next time I will write a post about Little Mix.

By Eniola, Year 2.

Reception class are digital composers!

Pupils in Reception class have been working with Digital Leaders Keanu and Sahara to create their own musical compositions using the iPad app Garageband.

Which is your favourite a why?

Hassan and Darcy:

Amelie and Amelia:

Igor and Isabelle:

Karvelle and Hassan:

Untitled 1:

Lena and Szymon:

Untitled 2:

Maya and Olga:

Untitled 3:

Zofia and Amber: