England in the Euros

I am going to be blogging about England in the Euros.

I will be doing a player profile on Eric Dier.

   Eric Dier

Name: Eric Dier                                                                                              

 Position: Midfielder                                                                                  

Age: 22                                                                                                              

 Goals: 2                                                                                                          

 Country: England                                                                                      

Club: Tottenham                                                                                          

Last appearance: 20/06/16 Slovakia V England 0-0                                                       

And Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling

Chris Smalling

Position: Defender                                                                                       



   Last appearance: 20/06/16 Slovakia V England 0-0                          

Country: England                                                                                          

 Club: Man.Utd                                                                                                                                

England V Wales

As most England or Wales Fans know there was  a big  match for them on Thursday 16th June (because it was an England v Wales match). When Wales scored the first goal all the England fans were disappointed especially the people who like Joe Hart better than anybody else on the English team. I knew England would win the match. When England scored there second goal it felt like the most exciting goal of the match because whoever scores the next goal wins the match! And guess what, ENGLAND SCORED  AND WON THE MATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MARCUS RASHFORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Born:October 31st 1997

Age: 18

Mum: Melaney

Dad: Jeffrey

Fullname: Marcus Rashford

Facts: He is an inspirational person to other little kids

Place of birth: England (Wythenshawe)

Sibling: 1 Brother

Team: Manchester United + England

Height: 1.8m

Rashford is a former sixth form student at college

Car: Mercedes