Where’s Wally


I like Where’s Wally book because you can be like a good detective by finding Wally in big crowds of people. I love the illustrations because they’re really colourful and the pictures are really small. They are also really interesting pictures in it.

The Parent Agency

My favourite book is called The Parent Agency by David Baddiel ; the illustrator is called Jim Field. David is a comedian book writer who is best known for working alongside Rob Newman and Frank Skinner . My favourite book (The Parent Agency) is about a 9 year old boy called Barry who is 10 in five days. He hates his name, his parents and his two younger twin sisters T.S.E (The Sisterly Entity). He makes a wish to get better parents because its their fault he has a horrible name and terrible twin sisters so he is whisked away to the parent agency. Barry (who is about to celebrate his 10th birthday) thinks this is the best thing in the world at first but along his journey he discovers how much his real parents really mean to him. At first it is set in his hometown but after two chapters it is in an alternate universe. My favourite part is when he starts talking to the posters on the wall of Neymar and James Bond. I rate it 9.9 out of 10!

Clean break by Jacqueline Wilson

Clean break by Jacqueline Wilson is about a family and the dad has left them. There are three kids in this story and  they all want their dad back but he only wants to stay away. The kids do not like the new person in the picture which is their dads new girlfriend and she doesn’t like them either (but I wont ruin it for you by giving the whole story away). I recommend reading it if you haven’t done yet.

Candy Floss Book Review

My favourite book is called CandyFloss. It is about a girl who has to choose to live with either her mum or dad, at first she chooses to go and live with her mum ( because she loves her the most) but then on the last day she has to choose who to live with…. SHE DECIDES TO GO AND LIVE WITH HER DAD!!! Her mum cried and cried until she couldn’t cry any longer. Floss (her name for short) always loved her dad, especially when he took her out for meals and treats, especially when she got to go to the his dads greasy spoon cafe, even though it wasn’t the best place in town! When her mum had to go to Australia she decided to stay hone with her dad. Even though they are not good at ironing and cleaning up, they got along well when it comes to making butties!!! 


The Wishing Chair by Enid Blyton

My favourite book is called the wishing chair. 

It is all about two children that have a bench, and the bench grows wings which they sit on and it sends them to all sorts of places. They fly over castles and houses.  The wishing chair takes Peter and Mollie on a strange and wonderful journey . They go to land of spells and meet a giant, some goblins, witches and other amazing creatures too.

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I love this book because it is very interesting and it is funny and weird at the same time.