‘All About Us’ (an eBook By Nursery Class)

Last half term, the pupils in Nursery class studied the topic ‘All about ourselves’. As part of this, they made a class eBook with Mr Edmondson. Please have a read of it to find out about all their favourite things that they like to do at school…

The life story about Mary Seacole by Amelie

Mary Seacole was born in London. The soldiers called Mary mother Seacole. Mary’s job was a nurse. Mary died in London. Mary’s husband was called Edwin.  Mary’s father lived in Jamaica. Mary’s mother lived in Scotland. Mary s husband died in 1884. She died in 1881 on May 14th. Later in her life Mary ran a hotel. She was born in 1850. Mary Seacole helped soldiers who got hurt in the Crimean war. Mary visited Britain as little  girl. Mary Seacole did  what others did in the Victorian age. She lived her life to help others. Mary Seacole gave food and blankets to soldiers. She went to the war to help soldiers who had got injured.

Mary Seacole

 Mary Seacole went to the Crimean war to help injured soldiers who were dying.  People raised money to help Mary Seacole. She lived in London for most of her life. Mary Seacole opened a British hotel after she retired from being a nurse.  Mary Seacole’s mother died       in 1844. Mary Seacole died in 1881. Mary Seacole was a famous nurse like Florence Nightingale. Mary Seacole’s husband Edwin died before she did.

Written by Amelia

Mary Seacole’s life


Mary Seacole had a husband called Edwin who died before she did. Mary Seacole was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Mary Seacole was a nurse in the Crimean war and is well known as she helped lots of injured soldiers. Mary Seacole lived in Jamaica but  came to live in Engaland. Mary Seacole died in London in 1881. Mary Seacole nursed sick soldiers. Mary Seacole was a hero.

By Manashae

Mary Seacole

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mary Seacole  was  a  nurse in the Crimean war. She was born on the 23rd  November  1805.  Mary Seacole and  here mother ran a hotel and a clinic around 1815. Mary Seacole  was  a  Jamaican born nurse who helped soldiers during the Crimean war. Her work was praised at the time, but she became even more famous a century later. She was born in Kingston and was the daughter  of a Scottish soldier.

By Szymon


Mary Secole

Mary  Seacole’s favourite colour was navy blue. Mary Seacole  was  a nurse. Mary Seacole married  Edwin in 1844. Mary Seacole was born Kingston  in Jamaica. Mary’s father was a Scottish solider. Mary arrived in Britain three days before Florence nightingale left for the Crimean war with a group of nurses.

Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole was a brave nurse. She went to war to help the soldiers who were in hospital and were badly hurt. Life was hard during the war and the conditions in hospital were not good. Mary cooked for the soldiers. She cooked stew and rice pudding. Mary Seacole is pretty much forgotten about as people remember Florence Nightingale more. Mary was born in 1805 in Jamaica.