Shae’s Food Blog!

I’ve made a website about…. food of course click >here!< to see my website and my daily blogs or weekly maybe even monthly…:)

If you have read my website then I hope you enjoy it as much as I love making food. For the people who have read it, please answer the following questions:

1. What was your favourite thing about my website?

 2. What do you like the most about cooking?

3.What is your favourite meal to eat?

4.What drinks do you like to drink, fizzy drinks, still drinks or ice cold drinks?!


My website about friendship

Hello, come and see this website here.

Now you have seen it, I am going to ask you 6 questions:

  1. What do you like most about your best friend?
  2. How do you and your best friend get along?
  3. Do you and your best friend like to do the same thing or not?
  4. How long have you and your best friend been friends for?
  5. Why did you and your  friend decide to become best friends?
  6. And finally, do you think you and your best friend will have the best friendship in the future?

Well I hope you look at this website and I hope you enjoy it!

My Website About Steven Universe

I made my own website about Steven Universe and its fun to  solve quizzes. Garnet and Pearl make a great  team to defeat other teams and they always win. Garnet is my favourite to watch and she is the best.




Who is the the best tow people to defeat other teams?

Who is my favourite to watch?

How many people on the first picture in my website?