Under Water Animals

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This page is about Under Water Animals. You can find about them in our wiki pages.

The Pages are about Different Animals that are under water                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     \(•ϖ•)/


This page has been created by 4 girls! Our pages are called Running Horses, Wild Horses, Breed Horses and also Relatives Of Horses. We created these pages all together by helping each other by leaving comments.

For example, “You forgot a full stop” or “You don’t have a capital letter”, were some of the things we said to each other. That is how we created our pages but also we looked at each others pages and if we needed any information the people in our group helped us.

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Nocturnal Animals

These wiki pages are all about Nocturnal Animals there are Owls, Wolves, Red Foxes and Hedgehogs.
All these pages have some facts that will be new and interesting to you, plus awesome videos and websites and much more cute, adorable and breathtaking stuff! 🙂
It took us many, hard working weeks to make these stunning wikis all about these great animals. We have helped each other every step of the way and we would like you to see our wikis. So here they are                                                                OUR WIKIS